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At Whisper Spa we FOCUS on YOU!

Whisper Spa How We Provide Value Over Any Other Walk In Bathtub Company

Whisper Spa Complete Safety

A walk in bathtub prevent slips and falls, but Exclusive Whisper Spa walkin tubs are equipped with Pipeless™ jetting system and keeps you safe from harmful bacteria. Every system component can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to make it a safety tub.

Whisper Spa Bathing Pleasure

A Whisper Spa Walk-in Bathtub is 4 times quieter than other walk-in tubs and with Pipeless technology, you can enjoy herbal bath salts and bath oils without harming the system. This is a bathing experience like no other, designed especially for you.

Whisper Spa Exceptional Value

You are making a substantial investment and we don’t take that lightly. Whisper Spa invests heavily in quality assurance and our walkin baths are independently certified under all relevant safety standards in the United States and Canada.

Whisper Spa Provides a Buying Experience

Your needs are unique and we will work with our dealers to provide you with the courteous, professional attention you seek. Whisper Spa doesn’t employ high pressure sales and will not attempt to compel you to purchase from us. If we respect you and demonstrate our unique capabilities, we are confident you will choose Whisper Spa.

Whisper Spa
Whisper Spa
Whisper Spa